Electronic Cigarettes InfoGraphic

Electronic Cigarettes InfoGraphic

Wow… Electronic Cigarettes. We at TheEciggy.com have a passion for electronic cigarettes. Not only are they the most amazing devices ever made, but they help people quit smoking traditional cigarettes; the facts that make electronic cigarettes a safer alternative, find out how electronic cigarettes work, the benefits electronic cigarettes bring to smokers around the globe. And the groundbreaking results, the ingenious… that is a part of what makes Electronic Cigarettes so amazing! So we share with you a few facts of the most marvelous device in the world!

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Smoking should be discouraged in workplaces. Not only does it decrease productivity, it costs the employers quiet a bit of money. Why? Read this study titled "Time cost associated with smoking at work highlighted by baseline survey of employees participating in a workplace smoking cessation programme" http://occmed.oxfordjournals.org/content/56/7/510.full

I personally believe that while smoking can decrease productivity, e-cigarettes can do just the opposite (for smokers). Thus they should be permitted and promoted in workplaced. This article makes a good argument in this respect: http://ecigarettereviewed.com/why-e-cigarettes-should-be-promoted-in-you...

Does your employer allow you to smoke or vape at your workplace?