Electric Ikebana

Electric Ikebana

Helios Design Labs was asked to create an interactive art piece that
visualizes global internet traffic for Canadian artist Douglas Coupland
to be included in telecommunications giant Alcatel-Lucent's 2012 annual
report. The concept was to form unique Ikebana (Japanese flower
arrangements) out of the internet traffic data from Earth Day 2012. The
resulting piece is an web-native art installation that changes with each
play according to the user's timezone - built entirely in code using
webGL, some intricate javascript and a lot of hard work.

β€œThe new dividing line of the human race is between those who believe that the Internet is the real world and those who still don’t acknowledge it is the real world,” says Douglas Coupland. β€œWe live in the golden age of data visualization; I hope this project pushes us deeper into the beauty of data and the ways in which it can be made to come alive.” - Douglas Coupland

An audio visual collaboration project between writer/artist Douglas
Coupland and Paul Humphreys from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark with global telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent.

Digitally realized by Helios Design Labs (heliozilla.com)

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Posted Jul 31, 2012
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Tags Earth Day, internet traffic, teleocmmunications, webgl
Tools Javascript, webGL
Alcatel-Lucent internet traffic data from Earth Day 2012
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