A Dragon in Latin Lands

A Dragon in Latin Lands

In recent years, much emphasis has been placed on the fast-growth of the emerging markets compared to the sluggish growing of their developed counterparts. The decoupling hypothesis, which holds that emerging economies have broadened and deepened their relations, has also attracted much attention. Since 2007-2008 financial crisis, China and its emerging partners have expanded their trade relations and reduced their dependency on the United States and Europe. In particular, the role of China as trade partner of Latin America is a good example of this phenomenon —“A Dragon in Latin Lands" as defined by Alfredo Toro Hardy (2013) in one of the chapters of his book “The World Turned upside Down.”

This visualization represents economic data in order to illustrate the evolution of trade between China and the United States with a selected group of Latin American countries. A discussion of the validity of the decoupling hypothesis and/or of the transfer of economic leadership from the United States to China remains beyond of the scope of this work.

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