Diabetes Information Project Partner Mapping Tool

Diabetes Information Project Partner Mapping Tool

Diabetes Interactive Partnership Table and Map: Google Fusion Tables is a cloud based application that allows users to upload data and manipulate it in a variety of ways, including mapping data via a GIS option. The table we created contains information on over 200 organizations that received diabetes related grants from 2009-2011. Users can view potential partners via table and map options and filter the data. Organization contact information, state diabetes rates (2007-2009) and County Health Rankings data are some of the information included. U.S. Census data that provides population characteristics and poverty levels provide context for the health data. The map can be expanded to display up to 100,000 rows of information and is embeddable.

A longer description of this project along with citations can be found here.  



Geneva Team information:

Sophia and Senovia Guevara can be reached at sophiaguevara at gmail.com

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The data you have provide is really helpful for those who are working on this sector. Indeed,lots of people are losing there life due to this diseases. By collecting the information it will be easy for the health worker to tackle with the disease. With the uprising of the death by diabetes health related institution,organization are developing medical devices, Medical Alarm system to minimize the death rate and provide necessary help in the emergency.

Posted Apr 23, 2011
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