Deutsche Bahn Timetable Network

Deutsche Bahn Timetable Network

The recent availability of real-time train timetable data helped researchers to analyse, discover and understand some under-the-hood phenomena correlated with complex networks dynamics on transportation systems.

This work shows a complex view of the German Railway Timetable Network, defined by considering stations as nodes and train paths as edges. A weight measuring how many trains are running in a day on every path has been added to the corresponding edge. The thickness of every directional edge is directly proportional to the number of trains scheduled in a day between every pairs of stations. Moreover, the bigger the name of the station is, the higher number of trains are running to and from it (representing the so called "Weighted Degree" measure).

I've been now working on new time-related indices and weights, in order to measure and visualize how well the timetable has been planned and to define the influence of delays on the train scheduling process.

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I like the design!

Posted Jul 11, 2013
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Tags Public Transportation, railway, Transit
Tools GePhi, Python
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