A Data Driven Health Care story - RWJF Static visualization

A Data Driven Health Care story - RWJF Static visualization

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We attempt to paint a picture with data that answers a few key questions that would help consumers make better informed choices on their health care needs

** Are health care providers who have a lower price point, compromising on quality
What we found is that most of the lower cost provider are government body owned or are voluntary/non profit. Also most providers who have achieved lower pricing have not compromised on service quality

** Who are getting a larger share of discharges - and what tradeoffs are these providers making to get a larger share
What we found is that capturing high share of discharges mostly goes hand in hand with competitive pricing and again voluntary/non profit/ government owned providers have done much better.

There are some providers who, in spite of being low price, have not been able to capture the rightful share of discharges in their HRR or Hospital Referral Region. They are also performing much better in service quality metrics.

There are also providers who have captured a high share of discharges while not being very competitively priced. And these providers are also not performing that well in service quality metrics.

** What kind of expense savings opportunity exists if consumers choose a lower priced provider
This analysis highlights the need for consumer awareness so they can make informed choices for their providers. Also helps in dispeling some myths that lower price probably means lower quality

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Posted Aug 27, 2013
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