A Common Diagnosis?

A Common Diagnosis?

Autism is a diagnosis every parent worries about.While this condition was practically unheard of twenty years ago, it’s an increasingly prevalent diagnosis. www.socialworkdegreeguide.com has created an infographic entitled β€œA Common Diagnosis?” detailing the emergence of autism, along with the startling facts behind it.
From the year 2000 to today, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in autism diagnosis.Back in 2000, 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with autism. In 2006, 1 in 110 children were given an autism diagnoses, and today, that number has increased to 1 in 88 children - 1 in 54 boys are diagnosed, and 1 in 252 girls.
Autism is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in children. Here’s a look to how autism compares to other diagnosed disabilities:

Disability - Percent change, 1997-2008
- Any developmental disability - +17.1%
- ADHD - +33%
- Autism - +289.5%
- Blind/unable to see at all - +18.2%
- Moderate to profound hearing loss - -30.9%
- Learning disability - +5.5%
- Intellectual disability - -1.5%
- Seizures, past 12 months - +9.1%
- Stuttered or stammered, past 12 months - +3.1%
- Other developmental delay - +24.7%
Autism is a range of neurodevelopment disorders that manifests as social impairments, communication problems and repetitive, compulsive behaviors.Early signs may include a lack of eye contact, poor responsiveness, and delayed speech development.

An Autism diagnosis may spell financial hardships for a family.In fact, a child with autism may require six times as much medical care as a child without autism. But this disorder isn’t the most serious cause for concern. There are many other diseases and conditions that can prove to be more dangerous-sometimes, even fatal:
- Asthma: 3,404 annual deaths
- Allergies: 700 annual deaths
- Obesity: 300,000 annual deaths
- Diabetes: 231,404 annual deaths

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Posted Sep 17, 2013
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