Bob's World

Australia faces a serious healthcare challenge if current trends continue. If Australia were a person, they would be Bob. Give Bob an age & location and find out what health risks Bob faces in the near future.

We wished to create a visualisation that was fun, inviting a little bit cheeky, and appealing for a wide range of audiences. We thought it was important to give that extra layer of meaning to the data, making the data exciting and engaging through narrative.

Who is "Bob"? how has he changed over the years? What does living within different demographics do to his health? Where will he be in the future?

Initially we had planned for our visualisation to be far more interactive, with an opening interface page, where you would be able select an age group and then select whether they lived in a urban, regional or remote area.

We wished that after you met Bob and took his daily walk with him, you would be able to click on various buildings like the "local pub" or burger hut and see how lifestyle choices affect our health. Click on the nursing home to learn about the ageing population, or the hospital to see the diminishing workforce.

You would also have noticed that as the years pass by and grow so does bobs waste line, further emphasising these trends through visual narratives.

Though we did not accomplish everything we set out to, we are hoping to revisit this visualisation at a later stage.

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