Black Friday 2011 Shopping Stats

Black Friday 2011 Shopping Stats

β€œBlack Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and with good reason, as many fantastic deals are to be had both in-store and online,” said Jackie Warrick, President and Chief Savings Officer at

But sometimes that competition can lead to mayhem in the mall. When asked what their most outrageous Black Friday shopping experiences were, a random sampling of U.S. adults said the following:

β€’ When Cabbage Patch kids were popular again, about 30 strangers and I dived into a pile of dolls hoping to find the right birth date of the dolls for our kids.
β€’ I stayed up for more than 24 hours last year just so I could get all the deals I wanted to get on Black Friday.
β€’ A woman grabbed things out of my cart, flipped my cart and tried to take off. She wound up handcuffed to my cart after she was caught.
β€’ Someone grabbed a jacket out of my hand, and then another woman grabbed it out of her hand and they fought over it, tug-of-war style.
β€’ I got a computer for $500, but had to sit on it to save it.
β€’ I witnessed a fight over bras.
β€’ My bank put a fraud block on my debit card because I was shopping at 4 a.m.
β€’ My mom and I got stuck at the top of an escalator during an early morning Black Friday shopping trip.
β€’ I waited in a mile-long line to get into a store.
β€’ The checkout line extended to the back of the store so it took an hour to reach the cash register.
β€’ I got in line at midnight and ended up participating in a tailgate with 30 strangers.

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