The Benefits Of Femto and Small Cell Technology

The Benefits Of Femto and Small Cell Technology

Here’s a good infographic illustrating the key benefits of introducing femtocells into the mobile network architecture.

1) Innovative services everywhere: if operators open up the femtocell APIs to third-parties, the femtozone will become a valuable resource for a long-tail of application developers

2) Transforms mobile networks: rural operators, such as Mosaic Telecom which can’t deliver widespread mobile coverage with macrocells, are looking to metrocells: and in the city, Julia Mason has five reasons why metrocells have the advantage over increasing macrocell density.

3) Simple and rapid installation: the secret to successful rollout is no truck roll, argues David Stevenson. Plug & play devices allow users to simply plug the femtocell into power and the LAN and away you go. Fast mobile broadband is a no-brainer.

4) Addresses hotspots of demand: Sofia Flores outlines a recent study into cost-modeling metrocells in a dense urban area.

5) Cost per bit reduction: as Yadhav Krishnan discusses in this post on cell site modeling, small cells meet the demand for mobile broadband in urban locations at half the cost of equivalent macro network increases.

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