Balance of Power

Balance of Power

Balance of Power is an interactive visualization of United States presidential and congressional elections from 1856 to 2012. The software analyzes polling and election results from current and past elections to determine the composition of power in the US government and the strength of the major parties with the electorate. This is achieved by generating a visual, using area segmentation, that maps the power index of each pary to a proportion of the visual area. Three colors are used to represent each party: blue for democrats, red for republicans, and purple for other (independents, etc). The power index is computed based on the three factors: the presidency, the ratio of congressional seats held, and the party affiliation of the electorate.

The application updates the data once a day to reflect the latest results from Huffington Post Pollster API.

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Posted Oct 10, 2012
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Tags US Presidential Elections, Congressional Elections
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