Astonishing Stats on Social Media Usage in 2012

Astonishing Stats on Social Media Usage in 2012

It is well-known that social media is a very influential tool in the nowadays marketing. Since there are millions of users of social media all over the world, businesses have a great opportunity to reach their potential customers very quickly and relatively at low-costs, in comparison, for example, with TV advertisement. Many companies, both small and large, have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and profit from them a lot.

Social media had changed the way we think, work and essentially lives our live. Social media is fulfilling the need to stay connected with the people, culture and companies all over the world.

But do you know the real power of social media? The following infographic on “Astonishing Stats on Social Media Usage in 2012” published by Indus Net Technologies and designed by InfoGraphic Design Team will show you how powerful social media really is. The most recent statistics would for sure amaze you and leave you wondering...

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Posted Jun 13, 2012
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