5 Surefire Steps to Success

5 Surefire Steps to Success

This infographic is published by http://www.successsculpting.com . Following these five steps will put you on the right path to success.

1: Set a Clear Outcome
“The key to overcome anything is to first be clear on your outcome of something.”

2: Make a Plan
“While not every plan you work will succeed, you will never succeed if you don’t have a plan to work.”

3: Take Effective Action
“It’s better to do something wrong, than nothing right.”

4: Stay Focused on Your Goal
“Focus is not something we develop, it’s something we direct. Because in every moment we are all focused on something, the only question is are you focused on something that is sabotaging you or something that is serving you?”

5: Believe in Success
The choice you need to make is whether to
be one of the people who gets results
or one who has many excuses
for not getting them.

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Posted Aug 16, 2012
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