3D Printing: The Future is Now

3D Printing: The Future is Now

More than likely, you’ve heard of 3-D printing. This new technology prints with materials such as plastic, resin, gold and silver, and creates usable items. The implication of these machines is powerful, and www.computersciencehub.org has created an infographic entitled β€œ3-D Printing: The Future is Now”, detailing just how useful and practical this technology could be.
The first 3-d printer was created in 1992. While it was a very basic model, it started a tidal wave of innovation. By 2002 scientists engineered a functional kidney able to filter blood and produce diluted urine. In 2005, Dr. Adrian Bowyer at the University of Baths founded RepRap, an open-source initiative to build a 3-D printer which can print most of its own components.Also, Shapeways launches a private beta allowing artists, architects and designers to make their own 3D designs as physical objects. Also, in that same year, the first prosthetic leg printed on a 3-D printer was used.
And this is just the start. Engineers have created aircrafts, vehicles, and even spare body parts with a 3-D printer, and now this technology can be yours, as well. These retail anywhere from $520 to $3,399, and some even make their own parts, enabling you to purchase one, and make unlimited replicas for your friends.
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Yes- 3D printing is a good subject- but only very few artists are exploiting it with their own tangible 3D printed models to visualize data. I made some 20 of "dataSculptures" (see some on http://www.visualizing.org/visualizations/global-investment-terrain) but I must say: There is still no dialogue on this matter in the community- maybe things will improve.. LetΒ΄s leave theory and hype aside and make models to go "beyond Excel"
Best regards from MeliesArt

Posted Feb 12, 2014
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