39 Million Dollars of Voice-Over Jobs

39 Million Dollars of Voice-Over Jobs

If you have been wondering about the jobs being posted or if talent are booking on Voices.com, this number is of great comfort. Voices.com is fulfilling their mission to connect businesses with professional voice talent all around the world. 10,000+ people have earned a respectable income from doing voice-overs with Voices.com serving as a key part of their marketing strategy.

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Can you share the list of sites that offers voice-over services. I just known Debbie Irwin recently and get their service for my corporate video voice over presentation, both in audio and video and just seen their samples at this site http://www.debbieirwin.com/voiceover/industry/audio/, so this gives me idea to choose them but I could have other choices if I know other company that offers narration and voiceovers.

True, there are more jobs around the worlds about voice over industry. Similar to this, I am also working for Debbie Irwin creating corporate video voice over audio and videos. You can see this page http://www.debbieirwin.com/voiceover/industry/audio/ fro our sample work demo.

Posted May 3, 2012
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