18 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Promote Affiliate Products

18 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Promote Affiliate Products

If you are doing affiliate marketing, then check out these 18 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Promote Affiliate Products. This infographic is presented by http://www.AutomatedIncomeModels.com

Infographic Transcript

1. Inline Text links to products and specific pages. Make it easier for your readers of html emails and blogs click directly to your affiliate offers.

2. Landing pages for different audiences. Target your affiliate landing pages as much as possible.

3. Banners and Graphics. Use a variety of sizes for your best converting affiliate offers. Also, help your readers by updating the graphics seasonally or for specific promotions automatically.

4. Short Text Ads. Provide short text blurbs in email and blog content.

5. Pay-Per-Click Ads: Leverage Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Facebook Mobile Ads as well as other Mobile Ad Networks like AdMob.

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Posted Jul 21, 2012
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