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Tommy McCall

Tommy McCall

New York, NY, United States
TOMMY MCCALL FOUNDED AND OPERATES, a data visualization agency in New York City that specializes in presenting complex and rich data sets. His clients include CNN, TED conferences, MIT Technology Review, Harvard Business Review, the New York Times, Fortune, Gallup, GlaxoSmithKline, Nielsen, Cirque du Soleil, Bank of America and the New York Stock Exchange. He has given presentations on data visualization to media conglomerates, ad agencies, and tech companies including Apple's industrial design team. As an infographics producer, designer and editor, Mr. McCall brings together three realms of experience to present, visualize and understand complex data. As producer, he oversees a team of programmers, designers, data analysts, animators, and illustrators to realize his vision. As a designer, he aims to find the natural shape of the data and sculpt it into something captivating and beautiful. As a data editor, he finds the stories and shares the insights hidden within what is often a vast sea of information. In all roles, he must understand the information, question its veracity, and convey its core message. Mr. McCall served as the infographics editor for Money Magazine and as a graphics consultant to the New York Times before launching his studio. He believes that graphicacy, the ability to communicate visually, will be an important skill set for future generations, just as literacy and numeracy are today. He was named one of the Top-30 Financial Journalists Under 30 for his visual storytelling and has won design awards from the Society of Publication Designers for his magazine works. His first interactive piece won "Best Online Tool" in 2010 from Folio Magazine and was nominated for "Best Online Tool" by the Association of Magazine Editors. In his spare time, Tommy enjoys travel and photography. He has explored nearly ninety countries spanning seven continents.


information and graphic design, interactive design, programming, artwork and creative coding, data journalism, policy and advocacy, visualization and design criticism


College drop out.

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