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Phoenix, AZ, United States
Can you determine what you want to be in the next five years while you are studying? For my case, yes, certainly we can't. What ever we want in our lives, we can have it if just strive and do no give up even though challenges came to block our way. Giving up is the primary step of losing to your track and direction then this will leave you alone in haze. I've learned to became strong and reach what I want to be. And right now I am a blogger and sharing my experiences to provide answer to those who are having the situation where I am years ago. I'm passionate in the profession I have chosen and I see to it that I can share and provide answers to other individual in any ways. I primarily write about current events, local state news about politics, legal cases and the way lawyer take responses to it, I am also sharing resource and online references to address every situation.


data journalism, policy and advocacy

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