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The DevInfo Support Group is dedicated to furthering human development by offering the highest quality technical assistance to communities, governmental agencies and international partners to help fulfil their development goals. Innovative solutions built on DevInfo technology have been implemented through a decade of collaboration with various international development partners, including UNICEF, UNDP, WHO and UNFPA. Projects have been carried out in more than 100 countries with national and international partners in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. The DevInfo Support Group supports a vision of a day when national and local governments use internationally-accepted common database standards for tracking human development indicators, containing high-quality data with adequate coverage and depth to sustain good governance around the agenda of achieving development goals. We strive to add value to national statistics systems by complementing existing databases and bridging data dissemination gaps, with the objective of more fully engaging both government and civil society in policy choices for human development that yield measurable results.


information and graphic design, interactive design, programming, data science and statistics, open data, visualization and design criticism

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