World Water Day: Exploring H2O Through Data Visualization

World Water Day: Exploring H2O Through Data Visualization
On March 22, we collectively look at one of the most important elements that makes up our world: water. Data visualization is now an integral tool in examining and understanding the systems, whether environmental, economic, or political, that involve this most valuable resource. This year for World Water Day, Visualizing is excited to share three projects that use data visualization to dive deeper into the issues surrounding H2O.

Our first Visualization Sprint, an experiment in collaborative data visualization, analyzed how water quality varies across the world. For three weeks, designers and coders worked together to visualize data from the Global Water Experiment in time for World Water Day. It’s been amazing to see the project evolve. Be sure to check out all of the versions and pour through the comments section to learn about the techniques and solutions uncovered through the process.

For the next month, Richard Vijgen's animated data-driven indicator that alerts the public to current groundwater trends — produced in response to our Visualizing Challenge with HeadsUP — will be on display on the Thomson Reuters/ NASDAQ signboard in Times Square. On creating such a large-scale visualization Vijgen shared with us: “The remarkable physical properties of the signs, the context of the location and the sheer scale of the screens all have implications for the message and its visualization, making for a really interesting and challenging project.” Vijgen put these thoughts into action by adding interactive capability to the project, so that people from across the globe can submit their city and add a graph to the screen in Times Square.

Our newest gallery, Visualizing Water, lets you explore water's importance across various sectors of health, the environment, and the economy. If you have your own water data visualization, upload it today, or curate your own gallery on H2O.

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