What is the Future of U.S. Manufacturing?

What is the Future of U.S. Manufacturing?

Though once a major component of the United States economy, it is no secret that domestic manufacturing has been dwindling in recent decades. It may come as a surprise, then, to learn that the U.S. is second only to China in manufacturing output among nations. As Americans hope for more and better jobs, and Washington works frantically to turn the economy around, it remains unclear what role manufacturing will play in the country’s future.

For a perspective on this question, the Economist Intelligence Unit turned to those with a vital stake in the sector: executives of U.S. manufacturing firms. With its survey of 360 senior execs across a range of industries, the EIU sought to gauge the current climate for manufacturing and to gather predictions for the future drivers of growth.

The survey came back with some interesting results, but the executives’ opinions offer only a starting place to answer this question. Therefore, we’ve partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit in challenging you to visualize the dynamics of U.S. manufacturing. We have the raw survey responses and a variety of data sets about the past and present of the manufacturing sector. Find an insight or narrative within all this data and craft a visualization that brings it to light. The winning project will be featured on The Economist’s website.

See the EIU Manufacturing Challenge page for details.

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