Visualizing Marathon 2012: New Delhi

Visualizing Marathon 2012: New Delhi
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At the beginning of March, the India Design Forum will convene for the country’s first international design event in New Delhi. will help kick-off the Forum with a data visualization marathon for university students, taking place on March 2 - 3 at the India International Centre. This is the first of our Visualizing Marathon series for 2012 and we’re thrilled to be bringing the competition to New Delhi.

Visualizing Marathons challenge students to take on a complex, real world issue and work toward solutions through the medium of data visualization. Participants form teams of three or four, take part in workshops from leading designers, interact with students from other universities, and immerse themselves in data and design to create a data visualization answering the question posed. We provide a data set and students work to conceptualize, code and create a finished data visualization in the set amount of time. Students from the winning team will each receive an iPad.

In 2010, and GE hosted a first-of-its kind 24-hour data visualization marathon competition for 100 students in New York, challenging participants to visualize humanity’s environmental footprint. In 2011, the program expanded to include competitions in five cities around the world: Sydney, São Paulo, New York, London, and Berlin. Students tackled problems ranging from the changing demographics of Germany to Australia’s health care workforce to the sustainability of Brazil’s growth. In 2012, we are excited to kick off our program in India by bringing this international series of competitions to new parts of the world, making data work to help solve the world's most complex issues.

Registration is now closed.

Details and Eligibility

  • You must register through Eventbrite. Registered participants must be able to attend the event in New Delhi.
  • You must have an account on (Register here if you do not have one.) This is in addition to the Eventbrite registration form.
  • You must be enrolled as a student at one of our Academic Partners. If your university is not yet an Academic Partner you can still register, just let us know and we'll contact them.
  • Teams should consist of 3 to 4 members. At the time of registration, you do not need to be part of a team. If you haven't yet formed a team or if your team is smaller than 3, contact us and we'll try to help.
  • Members of a team should be from the same university.
  • You must be of legal age in your country to compete.
  • There is no cost to register.
  • Students must bring their own laptop and charger.
  • If you competed in past Marathons, you may compete again.

For more information, please read the Visualizing Marathon FAQ.

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I am a student of IIT Delhi. We re a team of 3 students very much keen to take part in the New Delhi visualizing marathon. Please is there any way now to get registered and participate.

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@ankit - There has been tremendous interest in the Marathon, and the event has reached capacity. Thanks so much for wanting to participate! We'll be sure to reach out to you should anything change.

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registeration is now there is no other way to register?

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@akhil - The Marathon is a team-oriented event. Given the amount of work required by the challenge, we do require that students participate in teams of three to four members. If you do not yet have a team, you can register as an individual and we can work together to place you with a team.

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is it mandatory to be in a team of 3 or 4, cant we come as an individual ?

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@Ashwini - The Visualizing Marathon 2012: New Delhi is not one of our online challenges. Participants must attend the event in New Delhi. I hope you'll be able to attend, and please feel free to contact me with any further questions.

Ashwini Sukhdeve's picture

Hi, Is it possible to attend the event remotely, in case I am not able to visit Delhi during this time?

Alexandra Pappas's picture

Thank you for contacting us and informing us about the link. The Indian Institute of Technology is not yet an Academic Partner of Visualizing. We still invite you to register for the Marathon ( and we'll work on getting your school on board.

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I can not see my Institute Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, powai, Mumbai. and Let us know link is not working.