Visualizing Green Space & Health

Visualizing Green Space & Health

Data visualization has a remarkable way of revealing the connections between seemingly disparate issues. To showcase this, we've teamed up with the incredible people behind TEDMED and are focusing our next data visualization challenge on the relationship between green spaces and human health.

Each year, TEDMED brings together leaders and thinkers in the health field to discuss ideas, discoveries, problems, and how we could possibly solve these problems. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, calls the conference "a chance to hear the most important and fascinating stories of discovery directly from key explorers," while the former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop has called TEDMED "a time of information, excitement, and positive planning for the future."

We'd like to invite the design community to contribute to these conversations about health. Visualizing the intersection between green spaces and human health would be an enormous first step towards seeing their correlations. From there, researchers will begin to tease out the underlying causes—reduced air pollution, increased exercise, for example—that give rise to better human health.

In sum, our challenge is as follows: Use public data to visualize the relationship between green space and public health. What is the relationship between the amount of green spaces and human health? Epidemiologists, for instance, have noted a marked decrease in asthma rates when more trees were planted in urban habitats. Yet on a nation-wide—or even global—basis, this phenomenon largely goes undescribed. Robust data sets are available for both city landscapes (urban parks, gardens, ╩╗emerald necklace╩╝ corridors) and a number of health/disease indices (asthma rates, sick days, obesity, etc.).

The Prize:

  • The winner will be announced online on and featured on the TEDMED site and at
  • The winner will receive a cash prize of US$ 3,000 provided by GE
  • The winner will receive a pass to TEDMED 2011 ($4,000 value) plus travel and accommodations

Deadline to submit: December 31, 11:59PM EST

To visit the TEDMED challenge page visit: TEDMED & GE Data Visualization Challenge

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