VISUALIZED/Visualizing Party!

VISUALIZED/Visualizing Party!

Hey New York — we want to let you know about an awesome event happening next week. On November 8 & 9, the VISUALIZED conference is bringing people together to talk about the design of data-driven narratives that resonate. Some great speakers — including many friends of Visualizing — will be on stage sharing their work and expertise.

We’re teaming up with VISUALIZED to co-host a party on Thursday, November 8 at Milk Studios in New York City. And we’re offering free tickets to the party to the first 150 members of the Visualizing community who register. This is an exclusive opportunity for the Visualizing community.

Get your ticket to the party here!

If you are registered for the VISUALIZED conference, then you’re already on the list.

If not, then we’d love to have you join us! What can you expect? Drinks, an awesome DJ, a chance to hang out with the team from Visualizing and speakers from the VISUALIZED conference, and an all-around good time!

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jennacatlin's picture

Oh yes... would love such a party... when is the next one...? cheap car parking Manchester

cecilia's picture

Impressive! I am so happy about this visualization party. - Paramount Song

Timmayd's picture

Here is the link to register for VISUALIZED:

alyssapwright's picture

how do you register?