São Paulo Marathon Winner

São Paulo Marathon Winner

The Visualizing Marathon 2011: São Paulo took place on October 22-23 at the Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo. Nearly 70 students and faculty were in attendance for an outstanding display of problem-solving through data visualization.

The event, like other Visualizing Marathons, was a 24-hour high-energy attempt to solve real-life problems. 18 student teams from Belas Artes and SENAC competed in a challenge where they set out to solve the sustainability of Brazil’s rapid economic growth. Students arrived early and eager to compete for 24 straight hours and produce their best visualizations. The event was for many students a first attempt at data visualization. Nevertheless, all of them took on the challenge with zeal and worked tirelessly the entire period. Participants approached the challenge with a variety of interpretations, yet all of the entries shared one common characteristic: a warm pride for the host country of Brazil.

Congratulations to winners Tiago Torres, Lucas Pazin and Milena Mariano of SENAC for their winning entry, "Brasil Sustentável." This elegant infographic leads the viewer through a series of slides, building it's argument with each point on the map. The judges praised the depth of the project's insight as well as the compelling presentation method.

Additional congratulations to our honorable mentions: students Paulo Garcia, Eduardo Ramos Almeida, Edilson Mateus and Eder Santo for their visualization, also titled "Brasil Sustentável?" and to Belas Artes students Morgana D'Almeida, Willians Freitas, Alberto Alves Aparecido and Bruno Ideguchi for "O Brasil cresceu, mas como continuar assim?"

Judges for the challenge included Alexandre Alfredo (GE), Assaf Biderman (MIT SENSEable City Lab), Roberto Cocenza (BoomSPDesign), Camille Kubie (GE), Marcos Leal (GE) and Manuel Lima (Visual Complexity).

See all of the entries here.

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Congratulations to the winner! They deserved this award for we all know they hard work for this. - Dennis Wong YOR Health