HDR 2011 Challenge Winner

HDR 2011 Challenge Winner

In November, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) released the 2011 edition of the influential, editorially independent Human Development Report, including its much-cited Human Development Index (HDI). Combining measures of health, education, and income, the HDI offers one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive statistics of the overall wellbeing of nations. This year's Human Development Report focused on a critical element of the development picture: the interplay between sustainability and inequality. Though living standards have been rising in most countries, the Report projects a disturbing reversal in coming decades if environmental deterioration and social inequalities continue to intensify.

Using the data from this year’s Report, the UNDP Human Development Report Office and Visualizing.org challenged you to visualize the interplay between sustainability, inequality and human development. We are now proud to announce Worldshapin, by Carlo Zapponi and Vasundhara Parakh, as the winner of this challenge.

The Worldshapin project presents a selection of indicators from the HDR data as six axes in a radar chart, with an elegant interface for comparing countries and change over time. It encapsulates complex relationships in a single form, resulting in a very engaging way to explore the data, and the project’s refined interactivity compels the user to investigate further. The jury also appreciated the more traditional graphs below the timeline where the curious user can find the numbers.

The jury also chose three entries to recognize as honorable mentions for their effort. Exploring the Human Development Report, by Kyle Foreman, offers a very detailed look at the HDR data from multiple angles. CHOICES: Global Human Development, by Jen Lowe, contains striking visuals and a good focus on the sustainability issue. And Life Expectancy vs Carbon Dioxide Emissions, by Hannah Davis, presents an unexpected but compelling comparison in a refreshingly simple format. Great work all around!

We want to extend a huge thanks to the UNDP Human Development Report Office for partnering with us on this challenge — the HDR is an invaluable data set for understanding our world and we were thrilled to see the insightful work that came out of this challenge. And thank you to everyone who participated; stay tuned for the challenges to come next year!

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This way of looking at the data might increase its usability as not everyone has the ability to crunch the numbers in their mind and absorb what it all means in the big picture. Good job guys!

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Congratulations !!!..