EUhackathon 2013

EUhackathon 2013
This week, 28 participants representing 13 nationalities were invited to Brussels, Belgium to participate in the 3rd annual EUhackathon. The challenge, "What does government surveillance around the world look like?" resulted in 13 visualizations. Opening speakers, including Trevor Trimm and Dr. Pompeu Casanovas, spoke to the role government surveillance plays in the world, the impact greater transparency can have on the way goverments and corporations act, and the role data visualization can take in helping the public understand these complex issues.  
Congratulations to Frontwise from the Netherlands for their 1st place project entitled BIGSIS: Privacy Ranking

Frontwise was awarded the top prize of 5,000 EUR. 2nd and 3rd places prizes were given to Anselm Bradford and Team Tuple Trouble, respectively. All the winning teams presented in front of members of the European Parliament, including MEP Petru Luhan and Vice President Viviane Reding. The awards ceremony was followed by a panel of speakers discussing the role that governments have taken in using data surveillance, and what should be improved in the future to protect the privacy of all citizens. You can peruse all of the competition's visualizations in the EUhackathon 2013 gallery and see more on Google's blog


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