Visualization Sprint

Eyeo 2012 Network

Visualization Sprint:
an experiment in collaborative
data visualization
Visualization Sprint Process Outline

Eyeo 2012 Network

In anticipation of Eyeo 2012, we’ve built a basic network graph showing the Visualizing community who will be attending. The data comes from our live API so it’s always up-to-date. Starting from all users who’ve tagged themselves with the Eyeo 2012 badge, the data branches out several layers to include their visualizations, tools, topics, galleries and datasets.

Now we want to see what you can do with this network graph. Improve the visualization and make it your own. Just like our last sprint, fork an existing version or start from scratch.


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How It Works

A "visualization sprint" is a new collaborative design and coding experiment where contributors work together to find the best solution, or solutions, for visualizing a data set. Taking cues from citizen science, open source culture and code sprints, has conceived of this format in order to promote community dialog, learning, and feedback about visualization techniques.

Starting from an initial sketch written in a popular scripting language, anyone is invited to "fork" the code — adding to or modifying an existing version and then posting it back to the sprint. Any version can be forked, and new "alpha" sketches can also be submitted to start a new branch from scratch.

Check out the project prompt and data set at the top of the page, then look at the initial sketch. What are we trying to visualize here?
Explore other contributions: what are the branches the design has taken? where does the visualization still need work?
Add your voice to the discussion by voting versions up or down and commenting as you explore.
Choose a version to modify and click the "Fork This Version" button.
Work on the code, testing as you go along. When you're ready, commit your contribution along with a short description.
Repeat from step 2!

More Info

Is this project only for programmers?
Sort of. The purpose of this sprint is to explore and discuss techniques in interactive visualization, and it uses simple scripting languages so that we can easily see and modify the code. If you're not a coder we encourage you to participate by voting on the versions, adding your voice to the comments, analyzing the data set, or even sketching visual design directions that others could help realize.

What resources are available for my version?
When you fork a version, the top of the edit form will have a list of libraries and data sets you can use. If you need help figuring this out, just send us an email.

Where does the data come from?
We've created a special API specifically for this sprint. It queries the database for all users who have tagged themselves with the Eyeo 2012 badge, then branches out several layers to include their visualizations, topics, tools, and so forth. If you want a local version of the data to play with while working on the sprint, just open the API address in your browser, copy the results, and paste them in as a variable in your script.

How does the sprint end?
We'll be promoting the "final" versions while we're at Eyeo 2012, so the sprint will stop at the end of the festival.