Unequal pair of Dice -- Health Disparity Visualization Challenge

Unequal pair of Dice -- Health Disparity Visualization Challenge

Whether you die of a certain disease or not is just a toss of dice ?
It may be so.
The problem is that your dice might be unfavorably crooked.

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Thank you, Ekonlab.

Let's keep on posting visualizations. This is a precious fields where we can learn from our own making-process and others works.

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Thank you for your comment and understanding this trial of presentation, challenging for me and for readers. I am still not sure that everyone understand this approach.
I had difficulty, up until the deadline, in how to improve the menu part of flash. I think every participant had too.

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Two dice having the same number of sides with the exact numbers on each side but a different configuration is a great visualization of what appears to be equal being unequal. THe presentaion is quite innovative but the list of diseases are not comparatively clear.

Posted Jan 20, 2011
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