Visualizing Global Marathon: Rules & Prizes

Rules & Eligibility

1. You must be a currently enrolled student at the university level (undergraduate or graduate).

2. You must have a registered account on NOTE: This is separate from your Eventbrite registration. Register for a Visualizing account here

3. You may compete as an individual or a part of a team. Teams can be comprised of no more than 4 members.

4. You must select one challenge prompt to visualize for the competition.

5. You must use the data provided in the challenge prompt. You can use additional data as long as it is open.

6. The work you submit must be created solely by you and your team members (ie, professors, working professionals, etc cannot contribute any design or code to your final project)


We’re awarding over $15,000 in prize money for our Visualizing Global Marathon Challenges!

  • 3 winning projects will be awarded $2500 in the Interactive category.
  • 3 winning projects will be awarded $2000 in the Infographic category
  • 1 winning project will be awarded a $1500 People’s Choice prize.

All prize money will be evenly distributed to the team members. The People's Choice prize will be awarded to the visualization that has the most favorites by a given date (stay tuned for details). Visualizing determines which projects are interactive versus static. For details on what differentiates an “interactive” from an “infographic” project, check out our General FAQs

We’ve lined up an esteemed jury who will evaluate your work on the following criteria:

Understanding (10 Points): How effectively does the visualization communicate? How well does it help you make sense of this issue?

Originality (5 Points): Are the approach and design innovative?

Style (5 Points): Is the visualization aesthetically compelling?

Before uploading your work, please review our During the Event FAQs for details on submitting including details on non-English entries, upload troubleshooting, coauthors and more.

Additional Prizes

Aside from the challenge prompts, we’ve lined up mini-challenges and games throughout the weekend. Each winning entry will receive a $75 Amazon or Apple gift card. NOTE: Only one gift card will be provided per entry. Participants may submit multiple entries (ie, multiple badge designs, photos).

Workspace Photo Challenge
We want to see how your work space evolves. Are design books and post-it notes piling up? Do you have butcher paper everywhere? Throughout the weekend, upload photos of your workspace using our Live Dashboard and tag it #vgmworkspace. We’re awarding gift cards to our top 3 favorite workspace photos.

Badge Challenge
We’ve created online badges for your Visualizing Profile to show your participation in the event. And we want your input! Design a badge (100 x 100 pixels) and upload it as a photo on our Live Dashboard. Make sure to tag it #vgmbadge and we’ll award our top 3 favorites.

Designer Q&A
Our panel of design experts want to answer your questions! We’ve collected questions before the event and will also collect questions in our VizMarathonQA Chat Channel. We’re awarding gift cards to our two favorite questions. Stay tuned to our announcement board for deadlines.

Student Showcase
A great group of students from around the world are lined up to share their work in our Student Showcases. Two randomly selected students will each receive a gift card.