Visualizing harnesses the power of design and data visualization to give a greater awareness of the multitude of complex global-scale issues that influence each and every person on the planet today. By giving visual form to the often abstract systemic underpinnings that lie between broad concerns like health, energy, and the environment, we hope to generate actionable knowledge that can be used to improve lives. These are only the first of many future topics will address.


Lost amid the constant media buzz over new drugs and findings from longitudinal studies is the notion that "health" has no easy definition. Does it encompass only the body, or also the mind? Is it applicable only to individuals, or also to social groups? Visualizations in this category will explore the various meanings of health, and the ways in which health affects other aspects of society. Examples include plotting the social pathways enabling the spread of epidemics, sketching out the comparative demographics of human longevity, or rendering the dynamic pharmacological activity of a drug molecule.

See Visualizations: Health


Where does the energy come from that drives the global economy and the biosphere? Visualizations in this category are meant to illustrate the interrelationships between energy sources and the societies and species that use them. Examples include charting the geographical and geological context for fossil fuel deposits, mapping the slow spread and interconnectivity of smart grids, or tracing the metabolic pathways that allow bulk biofuel production.

See Visualizations: Energy


From the air you breathe, to the water you drink, to the ground beneath your feet, few issues are more fundamental than those concerning your natural surroundings. Visualizations in this category might document, for instance, links between climatological and ecological change, the balance of power between rural, suburban, and urban infrastructure, or the total amount or distribution of specific natural resources, to name just a few.

See Visualizations: Environment