MQIC Patient Data Detailed Sample

MQIC Patient Data Detailed Sample


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This is a random sample of the approximately 6 million patient records from our Medical Quality Improvement Consortium (MQIC) database. Including over 2000 records, the data spans a range of physical indicators. Columns included are the following:

YEAR – Year for which the data is aggregated.
STATE – State abbreviation
AGE_CATEGORY – 1 = 18 years to 44 years
2 = 45 to 64 years
3 = 65 to 79 years
4 = 80+ years
GENDER – Gender of patient.
DISEASE_CATEGORY – Diagnosis category.
1 = diabetes
2 = hypertension
PATIENTS – Number of patients included in strata (rows with less than 100 patients removed)
OFFICE_VISITS – Number of office visits in strata
A1C_MEAN – mean HgbA1c value (%)
A1C_MEDIAN – median HgbA1c value (%)
A1C_STDDEV – standard deviation of HgbA1c values (%)
WEIGHT_MEAN – mean weight value (lb)
WEIGHT_MEDIAN – median HgbA1c value (lb)
WEIGHT_STDDEV – standard deviation of HgbA1c value(lb)
BMI_STDDEV – standard deviation of BMI values
FBG_MEAN – mean fasting blood glucose
FBG_MEDIAN – median fasting blood glucose
FBG_STDDEV – standard deviation of fasting blood glucose values
SBP_MEAN – mean systolic blood pressure
SBP_MEDIAN – median systolic blood pressure
SBP_STDDEV – standard deviation of systolic blood pressure values
DBP_MEAN – mean diastolic blood pressure
DBP_MEDIAN – median diastolic blood pressure
DBP_STDDEV – standard deviation of diastolic blood pressure values

Terms of Use

Use of the MQIC Patient Data is subject to license restrictions. By accessing these data, you agree not to link, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to re-identify any patient, physician, or institution represented in the underlying data. You may only use these data for healthcare-related uses. You may not use them for commercial purposes or for any purpose in violation of HIPAA or any applicable federal, state or local laws. You may not further disseminate these data other than providing a link to the web page.

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