The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease

The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease


Milken Institute


Over 162 million cases of seven common chronic diseases — cancers, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, mental disorders, and pulmonary conditions — were reported in The United States in 2003. These conditions shorten lives, reduce quality of life, and create considerable burden for caregivers. This complex data set, accessible via the website "An Unhealthy America," is segmented by state, by disease, and by a variety of economic indicators (treatment expenditures, lost productivity, etc.).

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The human and economic charge of chronic disease on patients' families and society is huge. Yet while a number of studies have required to estimation the economic costs of illness, there has not been an important focus on estimating the costs that could be avoided through efforts to reduce the frequency and burden of chronic disease. The reason of this study is to quantify the economic and business costs of chronic disease: the possible blow on employers. It was really helpful to visit best essays for more information.