By Charlene Manuel, Feb 12

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we speak with Max Shron, the data scientist who crunched the numbers for the OkCupid's research blog, OkTrends.

By Charlene Manuel, Feb 10

We talk with Carlo Zapponi, winner of the UNDP HDR 2011 Challenge, to discuss his work and the field of data visualization.

By Charlene Manuel, Feb 1

Visualizing congratulates Damon Lau, Cheng Lee, Rebecca Marriott and Kimberly Nguyen from Columbia University on winning the GE Imagination at Work Grand Prize.

By Edward Lee, Jan 31

Brand new features for your profile page; log in to update your profile today!

By Charlene Manuel, Jan 27 is excited to be a partner for the first annual Data Journalism Awards.

By Charlene Manuel, Jan 26 kicks off its 2012 Marathon Program in New Delhi on March 2-3.

By Alexandra Pappas, Jan 9

Congratulations to Siddharth Dasari, Silvia Recalcati and Giulia Peretti, winners of the Visualizing Marathon 2011: Berlin!

By Charlene Manuel, Dec 16

A look at the year in data visualizations uploaded by our community.