By Lee Billings, Nov 3

This week, as American voters go to the polls in droves for a midterm election seen as a referendum on the past two years of the country's progress, the crucial topic on everyone's minds can be summarized by a mantra from Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign: It's the economy, stupid.

By Maywa Montenegro, Oct 27
This week, as leading thinkers gather in California for an innovative summit on healthcare, a major new breast cancer study underscores the need for more nuanced understandings of genes and diseases.
By Marc Schwartz, Oct 26


The first ever Visualizing Marathon was composed of 93 students in 23 teams from 8 schools.  For those of you that participated, we thank you for making it such a great experience. In the next few days we will be making photos of the event available. All of the entries will be posted right after judging is completed. 



By Maywa Montenegro, Oct 20

Despite signs of progress, world hunger remains an intractable problem, according to the newly published 2010 Global Hunger Index.

By Maywa Montenegro, Oct 12
In the foothills of the Himalayas, two field linguists have just uncovered a language new to science. "Koro" is spoken by natives of Arunachal Pradesh, India's northeastern-most state, where hunters and subsistence farmers live mostly isolated from modern culture.
By Maywa Montenegro, Oct 5

This week, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres warned that a rise in prolonged conflict is creating new semi-permanent global refugee situations. Today there are more than 43 million refugees worldwide—80 percent of them in the developing world.

By Saira Jesani, Oct 1
After many months of design, development and outreach, we were thrilled to finally unveil today at the Cooper Hewitt Why Design Now? conference. We want to say a big thanks to our 20 launch academic partners and to all those who participated in our beta testing over the past weeks -- your feedback was invaluable and you'll see your suggestions incorporated throughout the site. We know we still have plenty more to do to get it just right -- but we're really proud of what's up today and we're excited to get things started!
By Maywa Montenegro, Sep 27
This month, the OECD published its first ever obesity forecast—projecting that 3 out of every 4 Americans will be overweight or obese by 2020.