By Maywa Montenegro, Jan 13
This Saturday marks the 10-year anniversary of Wikipedia, a site that's become a paragon of crowdsourced knowledge and durability in an age of constant change.
By Maywa Montenegro, Jan 7
A new tool for visualizing words presages a transformation in social science. In the era of bits and bytes, will data emerge as its own archetype for creating knowledge?
By Maywa Montenegro, Dec 22

Brazil unveils a bold new plan to revamp its agricultural system. But worldwide, human appetites continue to outstrip the resources of a circumscribed planet.

By Saira Jesani, Dec 15

How does our neighborhood affect our health? Create a visualization showing the relationship between green space and public health, enter it by 11:59PM EST on December 31, and win a prize valued at $8,000.

By Maywa Montenegro, Dec 8
This week, as Iran grapples with the UN Security Council to keep its nuclear enrichment program alive, a quieter nuclear revolution takes root in Italy.
By Maywa Montenegro, Dec 1

This week, as COP-16 kicks off in Cancún, we consider the multiple, systemic processes that keep the Earth in balance.

By Saira Jesani, Nov 25

Ahead of its annual Global Agenda Summit in Dubai, the World Economic Forum has announced the winner and honorable mentions of its first-ever data visualization challenge.

By Maywa Montenegro, Nov 17
A new report on the state of the planet reveals remarkable relationships between poverty, wealth, and environmental impact.