By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 14
In the days since the earth convulsed in Japan, the country has mobilized a massive rescue effort. Tracking Honda GPS units, this brilliant visualization of roadways by proxy is a dynamic map of mobility on the island and a tool for finding intact rescue routes.
By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 12

On Friday afternoon, Japan was rocked by the largest earthquake in its history — a phenomenal 8.9 on the Richter scale — followed soon after by a devastating tsunami. We're inviting you, our Visualizing design community, to help us shed light on this natural disaster.

By Saira Jesani, Mar 9

We're happy to announce a brand new feature: the Visualizing Q&A. Proud to kick it off with some insights from Flowing Data's Nathan Yau.

By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 9

A new project unfolding in Latin America links scientists, local communities, and development experts in an effort improve long-term access to clean water.

By Saira Jesani, Mar 7

Happy to announce that some of your visualizations were chosen to be part of an array of energy and environment focused data visualizations that were showed at TED this past week! 


By Saira Jesani, Mar 4

Congrats to the winner of the TEEB Visualizing the Value of Nature Challenge - Jacob Houtman!

By Periscopic, Mar 2

As wild salmon become increasingly threatened, two new powerful tools take the pulse of salmon populations and salmon fisheries in the North Pacific

By Maywa Montenegro, Feb 23

As political unrest ripples across the Middle East, an elegant visualization maps complex feedback loops and the far-reaching effects of oil.