By jbergen, Apr 12

Every year, we all slog through IRS returns. But what slew of factors determines just how much Uncle Sam keeps? This interactive graphic sheds light on the perennially cryptic question.

By Maywa Montenegro, Apr 11

Nearly 10 years into the Afghanistan war, radical groups are again gaining traction, and sustainable peace is nowhere in sight. Should Allied troops stay or go? This visualization offers a brilliant map of future scenarios.

By Maywa Montenegro, Apr 8

Welcome to this week's Visualizing Q&A. From Nagoya, Japan, we bring you the statistics cruncher, Isao Matsunami.

By Natalie Jones, Apr 7

When food prices escalate across the globe, not all people feel the same pinch. This interactive viz explores the percentage of income spent on food by residents of different nations.

By Maywa Montenegro, Apr 5

How can open-source data be built into something useful and interesting for the European public? Today, the Open Data Challenge officially launches its 60-day open call for designers, developers, journalists, researchers, and the public at-large to pitch their ideas.

By VisualAssessment, Apr 2
For years, national competitiveness has been measured in terms of economic growth and productivity. By incorporating metrics of sustainability, human development, and income into a single graphic, this visualization invites a new vision: It's time to rethink competitiveness in a resource-constrained world.
By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 30

Welcome to the second iteration of the Visualizing Q&A. From across the pond, we bring you the Dutch data hound, Jan Willem Tulp.

By Maywa Montenegro, Mar 28

As Japanese workers struggle to contain the risks of nuclear fallout, an elegant graphic reminds us that, yes, the dose makes the poison, but the speed of the dose is equally critical.