By SocialFlow, May 9

A full hour before the formal announcement of Bin-Laden’s death, Keith Urbahn posted his speculation to Twitter. Little did he know that this Tweet would trigger an avalanche of reactions, Retweets and conversations — all visualized here, in infinitely zoomable splendor.

By Maywa Montenegro, May 8

In a republic where political dissent has long been quashed, new voters were young, disenchanted, and digitally connected. This dashboard gives us a fascinating slipstream of election memes visualized in real-time.

By Maywa Montenegro, May 4

The cancer question — how genes and environment interact to make cells go malignant — continues to perplex the best of us. With its vast database, this visualization engine looks for answers in patterns of disease across the US.

By Maywa Montenegro, Apr 26
The visualization tag-team sat down with us to discuss the beauty of trial and error, melding print and web, and the risks of losing meaning in the data-driven era.
By Maywa Montenegro, Apr 22

At a time when photographs of the fallen are being suppressed, data-viz journalism is emerging as a new medium for visualizing the costs of war. To witness: this sobering graphic, based on the WikiLeaks Iraq Logs.


By Megan Garber, Apr 18

In February, Google issued a challenge to its users: “Can you make tax data exciting?” Here is the winning visualization, a cunning mix of text, charts, and interactive elements that — believe it or not — also create a narrative arc.

By Maywa Montenegro, Apr 15

We are an increasingly urban species, with more than half of humanity living in urban hubs. Ranking the world's 590 most-populous cities, this psychedelic stack flow packs history, geography, and population into a single digital square.

By Maywa Montenegro, Apr 13

It's that time of year, when high school seniors nationwide anxiously await college admissions news. This visualization, comparing costs of tuition with college rankings, puts the lie to the common assumption that you pay for what you get.