By Edward Lee, Jun 24

We’re excited to launch the Visualizing Player 1.0, the first-ever media player designed for data visualization and infographics.

By Maywa Montenegro, Jun 24

As the inaugural Eyeo Festival kicks off this week in Minneapolis, Visualizing is proud be a media partner of this unprecedented gathering of the best coders, designers, and artists in data visualization today.

By Maywa Montenegro, Jun 15

The USDA has just unveiled its replacement for the food pyramid, but Lonely Datum's dashboard visualization raises the bar, profiling 150 nutrients for more than 5,000 foods.

By Charlene Manuel, Jun 14 holds a one-day conference in Brussels on the power and potential of data visualization.

By Maywa Montenegro, Jun 9
Unless two maps are displayed side by side, our brains can't easily compare them. That idea, from inimitable mind of Edward Tufte, inspired one curious designer to push the limits of multiplicity. In Visualization Matrix, Lauren Manning depicts a single set of data – two years of food intake – in 40 different, and illuminating views.
By Maywa Montenegro, Jun 6
Enter the UN Global Pulse Challenge and visualize how people across the planet – in their own words – cope with economic crisis.
By Maywa Montenegro, Jun 2

Congratulations to the winners of the Eyeo + Visualizing 2010 Census Challenge — Jan Willem Tulp!

By Maywa Montenegro, May 26

The UNDP Human Development Report Office joins as a new Knowledge Partner. Through this partnership, the HDRO will release its 2011 Human Development Index, providing the Visualizing community an unprecedented opportunity to visualize human progress.