By Edward Lee, Sep 29 and HeadsUp! challenge you to visualize global groundwater trends. The winning project will be featured on the enormous TS2 video signboards in Times Square.
By Edward Lee, Sep 20

Congratulations to Jonathan Schwabish and Courtney Griffith on winning the NBC News' Education Nation Challenge. Their project expertly visualizes the economic benefits that increased high school graduation rates would bring.

By Edward Lee, Sep 16

We sit down with Elena Paunova, winner of the UN Global Pulse Visualization Challenge, to discuss her work and the field of data visualization.

By Charlene Manuel, Sep 8

Announcing two big updates to the 2011 Visualizing Marathon Program: the New York's Marathon dates are now November 5-6 and the Germany Marathon will now take place in Berlin (December 3-4).

By mhkeller, Aug 30

How does our sex, race and ethnicity affect our health, now and later? What does the financial picture look like for retirees? Michael Keller, a multi-media journalist, joins us to discuss his new project that addresses these questions, and to place it in relation to other visualization work.

By Nick Diakopoulos, Aug 25

While visualization is an excellent tool for discovery and analysis, it is also a powerful medium for communication. The best information graphics tell a story, engage and convince their readers, invite them to make a personal connection to the data, and help them tell stories of their own.

By Edward Lee, Aug 19

Enter NBC News' Education Nation challenge to visualize the future benefits of reducing the dropout rate now. The winning infographic will be showcased at the Education Nation Summit 2011.

By Edward Lee, Aug 12

We sit down with Wes Grubbs, founder of Pitch Interactive, to talk about his data visualization work and current trends in the field.