By Charlene Manuel, Nov 8

Congrats to Tiago Torres, Lucas Pazin and Milena Mariano, winners of the Visualizing Marathon 2011: São Paulo.

By Charlene Manuel, Nov 8
17 teams of students from 9 local universities, including RISD, Columbia, NYU, and Pratt, worked for 24 hours to develop a data visualization that will help policymakers and the public rethink the connection between the economy, the environment, and social equity.
By Edward Lee, Nov 4

We’re celebrating one year of with a major update to the site’s design and exciting new features.

By Edward Lee, Nov 2

We've partnered with the UNDP Human Development Report Office to bring you a new challenge: visualize the interplay between sustainability and human development using the just-released 2011 HDR data. The winner will be invited to the Rio+20 conference in Brazil.

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By Edward Lee, Oct 25

We sit down with Mahir Yavuz, creator of the Sense of Pattens project, to discuss visualizing massive collections of urban travel data and other aspects of his work.

By Edward Lee, Oct 18

We've partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit for our latest challenge: visualize the past, present, and future of U.S. manufacturing. Combine insights from an EIU survey of 360 manufacturing execs with government data about the sector. The winning entry will be featured on The Economist's website.

By Edward Lee, Oct 13

As part of our HeadsUp! Times Square Challenge, we ask the scientists behind the data about their work and the issue of groundwater depletion.

By Charlene Manuel, Oct 10

Congratulations to Remi Bouskila, Adam Connellan, Julie Flestado and John Le, winners of the Visualizing Marathon 2011: Sydney.